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Photo from: Eastern Hills Bible Church.
We designed and installed Eastern Hills sanctuary audiovisual systems including L'Acoustics Line Arrays, Sennheiser Wireless Mics, Maxell Laser Projectors, Canon PTZ Cameras, Blackmagic video switching and live streaming, and helped coordinate the production network to ensure reliable streaming performance.

Create Environments That


Photo from: Onondaga Community College Commencement Ceremony.
We provided sound sound system design and tuning, wireless microphone tuning, live mixing, broadcast mixing, graphics design and playback, and production network design and configuration.

Create Environments that


Photo from: UPMC Gala at the PPG Paints Arena featuring Diana Krall
We coordinated wireless systems for performers and presenters, and deployed wired and wireless production communications systems for all 3 stages.

Create Environments that


Photo from: Redhouse Arts Center production of “Bridges Of Madison County”
We provided lighting design, sound system design, tuning, and wireless microphone tuning.

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Sound System Design, Calibration, and Optimization

Wireless Audio Systems Tuning and Coordination

Live Sound Systems Rental and Operation

Production Network Design and Installation


Live Streaming

Why SP-AV?

Our team is comprised of freelance audiovisual professionals who spend every day operating the systems we have designed. We utilize industry standard 3D predictive modeling to estimate a sound systems coverage and performance with extreme accuracy- even in unusual spaces. Likewise, we have tools built for measuring and optimizing systems after installation that allow us to discover and solve any remaining issues.
We have dedicated tools to make wireless microphones work without dropouts, static, or interference, and understand the parameters that ensure production networks operate just right.
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